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Steve Clarkson - Owner/Inspector


"I Answer My Own Phone"

Hi, my name is Steve Clarkson, owner of Complete Home Inspections. 

I remember many years ago, while I was still in High School, wandering through the homes being built in Dunwoody, watching the builders, learning how the homes were built.  I developed a love for home building early on and later I built my own home.

My love for home construction and building caused me to start Complete Home Inspections with the sole purpose of providing information to home buyers that will help them make an informed decision about a home they are purchasing and to understand the true condition of that home.

I understand buying a home can be a very stressful time for most people.  I will try to make that easier for you by providing you with the information about the home so you will fully understand what you are getting into.  I go over many things about the home during the inspection including day to day operations and preventative maintenance.

After the inspection the client may call me about anything about the home, how to find something, how to operate or maintain something or even about a future home improvement project the client may be considering.