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manufactured home foundation certifications

Are required on most FHA backed manufactured homes.  This is a certification that is done by a licensed engineer.  To request this certification either click to the right or call me at 770-598-8639

My goal is to provide you with a thorough, knowledgeable and complete inspection of your home for a good fair price

Manufactured Home Engineering Certification
Steve Clarkson - Owner/Inspector


"I Answer My Own Phone"

We offer many services to our clients in addition to home inspections:

Radon Testing​  -  Pool and Spa Inspections -  Termite Inspections -  Mold Evaluations -  Foundation Engineering Certifications


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Welcome to Complete Home Inspections

My name is Steve Clarkson.  I have lived in Cherokee County for 30+ years and in Georgia for over 40.

I am one of the few inspectors that actually answers his own phone, unless I am on an inspection. I have found most people want to talk directly to the one that will be looking at their home, not talk to an answering service.   

                                      I have performed over 3000 Home Inspections!

I have inspected thousands of homes all across Georgia. 

           I love talking to people about their home as well as a home they plan on buying!!!

Complete Home Inspections is a full service inspection company.  

I started Complete Home Inspections in 2003 with the main purpose of helping people understand the condition of the homes they either live in or were looking to purchase.  With accurate information people can make informed decisions about the purchase or repair of a home.

I inspect homes for anyone buying or selling a home, all across North Georgia. 

The services I provide are:

Home Inspections, Radon Testing, Mold Evaluation, Well Systems and Swimming Pools. I look for mold and termites in every inspection. 

I also perform Engineering Foundation Certifications for manufactured homes.

I am based out of Canton but travel far and wide to serve my customers.  I am certified, licensed and work with you every step of the way.  Many times I have customers call me 6 months to a year after an inspection asking for advise or opinion about a particular aspect of their home.

I am Inter NACHI Certified as well as a HUD and FHA approved inspector.

Call me anytime at 770-598-8639  or E-mail me at

See a   Typical Inspection n the panel above  to see how the inspection is performed.

  Why choose Complete Home Inspections?

  • Education, Training.  I spend most of the time when I am not inspecting homes, furthering my knowledge by taking classes, online courses and reading to improve my service to you.
  • The reports I prepare include pictures within the report to show how the home looks or to identify any defects.  The report is delivered the same day.
  • The inspection is scheduled around your time, so you may be present.
  • Cost to you.  I have a very limited overhead.  The only cost is to keep certifications and any costs for classes. 
  • If you mention that you saw this website, you receive an additional discount.
  • We take all types of payment, cash, check, major credit cards.    
  • Second Inspection Discount -  In today’s market, you might find a home, make an offer, have it inspected and appraised.  In many cases the sale does not go through and you find yourself looking for another home.  My guarantee to you is if you have already had 1 inspection and it falls through, within 3 months I give you an additional discount!!!

Contact me now to schedule your inspection!

My Cell Phone is      770-598-8639

Remember I answer my own phone!  If I do not answer, I am most likely doing an inspection.  Please leave a message or even better text me.  Sometimes I can answer a text but can not take a call.

                                                                        My E-mail is

                         Please include your phone number so we may talk about your home.

In your quest for a home inspector, all inspectors claim to offer a good inspection service.  Their costs for doing business are transferred to you in several ways.  Many have very flashy websites that might make you think their inspection service is superior.  Many pay for answering services.  Remember, they have to pay for these added services and that cost is transferred to you, the client.

One other thing to remember, during the past year, since the real estate market has boomed, there have been hundreds of people join the home inspector industry, some do not have much construction experience.

I have been inspecting homes for many years and what sets us apart from the rest is customer service.  Unless I am doing an inspection, I answer my own phone.  That way, you can get the information you need, when you need it.  We encourage you to be at the inspection or at least come towards the end.  This gives us a chance to talk about the home you are buying.  It gives you a chance to ask questions.  I have inspected thousands of homes, many for first time home buyers.  Being a first time home buyer we go over additional things you will need to know to take care of and maintain your new home.

​Such as: where is the water cur off, how to change HVAC filters,termite protection to name a few.